Take Advantage of a Healthy Lifestyle

Take Advantage of a Healthy Lifestyle

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Want to lose weight fast - The Natural and Healthy way?
Calorad MG

Calorad MG, our flagship product, is the all-natural weight loss supplement that works in conjunction with your body's own natural processes. We have been selling Calorad MG on radio for almost 20 years!

 It is a protein supplement that is designed to help you:
  • lose unwanted weight
  • lose unwanted inches
  • build lean muscle
  • restore optimal collagen levels 

Simply take Calorad before bed and while you rest it goes right to work - helping the body to break down fat while repairing lean muscle mass tissue. As one of the leading natural weight loss remedies on the market, Calorad MG poses no harmful risks or side effects. Average of 2-3 sizes lost in 90 days.

We recommend using Calorad MG for a minimum of 90 days. 

Other benefits of collagen supplements reported by Calorad users include:

  • more restful sleep
  • increased energy
  • better overall health

Join the millions of people that have already shed weight and inches - order Calorad MG today!
Average loss in 90 days 2-3 sizes. Results will vary based on metabolism and chemistry. Focus on inch loss more than pounds; muscle is more dense than fat. It is normal to notice a pant size go down and not a huge difference on the scale due to muscle mass. (that's what burns the fat)

Calorad MG is the all-natural, drug and stimulant-free weight loss aid you've been waiting for! 
Utilizing the Calorad MG program couldn't bee easier - Simply take 3 small capsules each night on an empty stomach and drink at least 64 oz of water each day, and watch those excess pounds melt away! 

Calorad MG is a collagen based protein supplement which is designed to help you lose weight and inches in a natural way. Calorad MG is NOT a dangerous "Fad" weight loss product. In fact, it has been used safely and effectively by thousands, and has been on the market for OVER 20 Years!

Because it is all-natural and stimulant-free, it's one of the few weight loss aids which can be taken without worry of interference with prescribed medications. Calorad MG works by assisting your body in building and repair of lean muscle tissue - the body's own natural fat burning furnace! This natural repair cycle occurs during the early stages of sleep, so rather than making you feel nervous or jittery, many people notice that they sleep better while taking Calorad MG.

There is NO special diet or exercise program required for Calorad MG to work. Just east sensibly while taking Calorad MG, and give your body's own fat burning systems a boost to lose weight the natural way!

                                                Fisch Lost 15 lbs!

Calorad MG® supports lean muscle, which in turn facilitates "fat" loss.

Collagen - The glue that holds us together.
  • Collagen is a protein that makes up about 30 percent of your body. 
  • Collagen is a natural component in our tendons, joints, ligaments, muscles, hair, etc. 
  • As we age, our bodies no longer produce the same level of collagen or amino acids. 
  • Major results of collagen loss are: 
    • wrinkles on the outside 
    • breakdown of lean muscle and connective tissue on the inside.
  • Collagen degeneration continues until you supply your body with proper supplementation. 

Losing weight is by far the reason most people decide to try a weight loss program but there are more benefits to the whole physical being than just looking better as a result of losing weight. Most weight loss programs ignore the simple truth that collagen is the glue that binds us together and that collagen is lost as we age.

The result of collagen loss is wrinkles on the outside and breakdown of lean muscle and connective tissue on the inside. Calorad offers a collagen weight loss program which seeks to restore the collagen that you lose as you age.

Collagen is extremely rich in the amino acids Proline and Glycine. Calorad MG delivers a collagen weight loss program which takes advantage of the Peak Periods for the absorption of amino acids. The result is that you have a collagen weight loss program at work for you right around the clock!

Losing weight may not be effortless, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Any healthy weight loss program will begin by asking about the weight loss program's requirements. Is it about calorie counting? Is it really a healthy weight loss program? What data can you be shown that proves the weight loss program actually works and is a pathway to safe weight loss.

Suggested Use: Take 3  Calorad MG capsules on an empty stomach with water just before going to sleep. For optimum results: refrain from food and beverages (other than water) for 3 hours prior to consuming Calorad MG.

90 Capsules per bottle (1 month supply)
Active Ingredients: Collagen protein & essential amino acids: (Glycine, L-Lysine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine)
Other ingredients: Capsule: Maltodextrine, Magnesium Stearate and Silicone Dioxide

We believe everyone deserves a chance to be healthy and fit. Are you up for the challenge? If you're ready to finally take control of your weight and your health, NOW is the time to make it happen!
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