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“In February 2001, I weighed 257 pounds and was literally five inches bigger around than I am tall at 5’1”inces. I have lost 88 pounds and 125 inches with six of those off my hips. Just three days into using Calorad, I was in my kitchen dancing. I have my mobility back!” * 
Townsed, Montana

“Calorad has helped me to be more balanced, focused, and less stressed. I really like the fact that when people commit to take Calorad, they are taking an active role in their daily health care.” * 

"I lost 35 pounds and eight pant sizes on Calorad. We’ve had hundreds and hundreds of people coming through our clinic who’ve had similar or even greater experiences using the product."

Dr. Ron Boersema
Naturopathic Doctor
Holland, Michigan

    "HelloI read your link about Calorad.
    I began taking it when I got burned out of the slim fast stuff. It has been 11 days since I began Calorad and have lost nearly 9 pounds. I walk on a tread mill for 20 minutes a day = 1.2 miles and drink PLENTY of water. I also stop eating after 5:30 PM I watch what I eat more closely as well. After seeing the loss I am more inclined to keep making lifestyle changes! I eat all sorts of good things during the day however.. Oranges, apples, humus, Tuna, soy cheese, sometimes a slim fast shake (not the canned) for a skipped meal if I am in meetings all day, salads, nuts, dried prunes.(ok.. and some Hershy kisses!) I splurge on Wed. and have 5 of them for my mid week treat!
    The most dramatic thing I have seen since the Calorad is the need for antacids has stopped! I was called the TUM's Or ROLAID queen at work.. now I don't use them! Plus I sleep SOOOOOOOO much better! My husband said the snoring has stopped. In two weeks when I reorder he sheepishly said he wants to use it as well!
    I have seen folks use it and have success. I have also seen the other end of the spectrum. I asked the folks who failed "DID you drink water?" they said.. NO. they dont like water. Well..... Then they were not interested in being healthier and losing weight.I lost around the rib cage and bust. ohh and the tush! I feel fantastic and KNOW I am making good choices!I am sorry to ramble but thought I would share my thoughts on Calorad."

    Patricia L.
    Black Creek Wisconsin
Melissa, this product is amazing! I have tried everything to look and feel in shape! Calorad MG shook that stored fat right out of me! LOL It's an amazing product and I have had several friends order and use it also. This is a great product! Nothing had happened for me that I noticed, in the first 3 months, but come the 4th, 5th and 6th month mark and I was wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear in 6 years. I have been on this since 10/11 and will continue, because I feel better, look better and just love your product! The compliments just keep flying! Keep up the good work and thank you!! Lisa (Keyport, NJ.)

    "I was planing on having to spend the rest of my life looking like a fat little Jewish grandmother. It's certainly not what I dreamed of for myself and the vision, quite frankly, made me very sad. Three weeks ago I started on Calorad, pretty desperate for something to work out for me. Within a matter of 3 days I could feel a shift taking place. In 3 weeks I've taken 10 pounds without changing a thing in my life. My legs don't rub together, my arms don't pudge out, my stomach has gone down two inches and my tush has raised up. I never thought this could happen to me. It is beyond a dream come true." 
    Ava Gudeman
    Los Angeles, CA 

SALT LAKE CITY - “Lose weight while you sleep? I didn’t believe the statement at first, but about three years ago, I first started taking Calorad. After the Christmas and New Years holidays I was surprised to realize I had lost 7 pounds! That had never happened before during that time of year. I am pleased to say I have lost a total of 52 pounds, and the weight has come off gently. Recently I was hydrostatically weighed, and my body fat has decreased from 34.6% to 21.7%. My waist has gone from 42/43 to an amazing 36 inches. I now play golf, racquetball and lift weights - all of which I wouldn’t have thought of doing prior to taking Calorad.”* – Bob Norton    
Car Salesman Drops 20 Pounds in First Month - Then Another 60!*

OAK BANK, Manitoba - “I first heard about Calorad four years ago from Dr. Gary Bourdan. As he told me about the benefits of Calorad, I rolled my eyes but then reluctantly decided to try it. My initial weight was 310 pounds with a 46 inch waist and 39% body fat. After one month I had lost 20 pounds, after month two another 19 pounds, after 4 1/2 months I lost a total of 80 pounds and have kept the weight off. My waist now measures 39 inches and my body fat is 21%. Thank you Calorad!”* – Gregg Trigg    
After 3 Weeks on Calorad, Restauranteur Feels Herself Melting Away - Now 162 Pounds Lighter, Says She’s “Never Felt Better!”*

KALISPELL, Montana - “I will forever be grateful to my sister Renée for introducing me to Calorad. My doctor put me on a weight loss medication that resulted in mood swings and blood sugar challenges. He soon took me off it when that product made front-page news due to the health risks involved with it. I then went the hard route by counting grams and calories and ended up going nowhere. Then I started taking Calorad. The first 3 weeks I saw no results, but shortly after that, I began to lose weight. I felt I was literally melting away. I have now lost a total of 162 pounds and have never felt better in my life. I no longer feel that food is an enemy, and I now look forward to the Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities.”* Gay Nalivka    
Dress Shop Owner Goes from Size 18 to 12 – Cleans Out Her Closet!*

After 48 Foot Fall, Skeptical Oil Platform Worker Finally Gets On Calorad - Joint Pain Subsides and He Loses 78 Pounds!*
LAFAYETTE, Louisiana - “On June 12, 1994 at 4:30 AM while working offshore on a big oil well drilling platform, as I had done for 30 years, I slipped and plummeted 48 feet down onto a steel deck. Many surgeries on my knees and feet followed, but I wouldn’t let them touch my back. Julie Sonnier first introduced me to Calorad, but coming from a family with medical professionals, I was extremely skeptical and put the bottle on the shelf for a whole year. Finally, I started taking Calorad but saw no results in the first or second month. Half way through the third bottle, I noticed my joint pain was going away. On March 18th, it will have been one year on Calorad, and I have lost a total of 78 pounds and 12 inches off my waist!”* – Mike Kelly

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